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Ps and Qs of Being Human

Minding your Ps and Qs is an oldfashioned way to say, try to be your best self. It matters! It matters that we are truly human, that means warm hearted people who care about the consequences of what we are doing.

My grandmother was a lady who used to wear white lace hand gloves – even at home. And every day she painted beautiful eyebrows on her face, even if she would be alone all day. She showed me how much grace a life full of good manners has.

To this day, I am grateful for the Ps and Qs she taught me. And I try to live up to these standards. When I thought of the most important Ps and Qs for us humans I came up with these top 4:

P like in Passion
When we go through chores our life is dull. We tend to envy those who seem to experience less dullness.
When we watch our life and see what makes us happy and passionate, we get the most valuable signpost where a fulfilled life lies – for us. Everybody is different. So are you!

P like in Practice
At our birth, we are delivered without a manual. We don’t know which buttons we have to press and what results we will get. We are not machines. And no one else around us is!?

So we figure things out by doing. It’s a daily practice. We try and we evaluate, thats how learning works. And then rinse and repeat: try again, evaluate again, learn again.
Practice is not only necessary in acquiring a new skill. We need it in EVERYTHING.
No one is a good human without practicing being a good human.


Q like in Quality
Cheap is cheap. We all know that. Wearing white hand gloves to have beautiful sun protected hands at age 95 is a sign of valuing oneself. And so is painting eyebrows when we feel this makes us looking our best.
You are the best quality. You just are. Live it. Protect it. Bring it forward. I believe in you.

Q like in Questioning
Many things are different in reality as we are told. Many things exist as myths.
That’s normal because we all believe in stories. This starts as an infant. Sometimes we too believe in fairytails as adults.

That’s not dramatic. Unless we don’t know that we live in a world of myths.
Believing everything that we are told as THE TRUTH can be fatal for society.
Be smarter than the people and conveniences that try to invade your life and privacy.
We don’t need smart machines. We need smart humans.
And these are made by questioning and thinking for themselves.


Thank you for being such a wonderful human being!
I hope you like this shortlist.
Even if you are not a fan of painted eyebrows ;o)

With so much love,


p.s. The 1st Tango Bassoon Competition is coming! Join us, I look forward to your video! :o)


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