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– – – – – And the whole thing in Fagottino as well! – – – – – 


Plus: PIANISTICO! Piano Method for Children and Freestyle Piano Playing – the ultimate books for creative music making on the piano.
Fun Studies for Oboe, Saxophone and Clarinet.


“When I started teaching the bassoon, I could not find any music for beginners that I loved. So I started writing some and I founded Anselma Music Publishing. Later I also wrote pieces for myself and published great works from other composers.
I hope you will love these books and enjoy this music as much as I do.”

Anselma Veit

Here you find sheet music books like they should be:

  • 100% high quality music,
  • practically structured in respect of didactic progress considerations,
  • every single piece went through the “elk test” of real life with real musicians and real students,
  • NO empty filler pieces without substance that are boring and uninspiring,
  • to the detail well thought out and heartfully crafted sheet music,
  • packed with music, that small ears as well as grown-ups love :o)
  •  – and all of that in first class quality, from beautiful layout to fine, cream-colour paper, made in Austria.

Our music books are individual, artistic and didactically valuabe – and of course made with love.

Whenever I put together a new music book, I give it to my team of experts – bassoonists aged 5 to 25 years! – and I ask: Do these pieces spark joy? The answer for all the books on this website was: YES!

Good sheet music makes learning & teaching fun, fresh and crisp.

The best part: the camping in the photocopying room is over – no more xerox copy chaos.

Our music books are well structured and seamlessly build on each other.
No more headaches caused by a shortage of didactically suitable and pleasurable pieces!
We’ve got you covered, no matter if you search stuff for slow or fast learners, advanced caprioles or music for beginners.
And all of this in a wide variety of stiles – for lonely bassoon wolves or large ensembles.

Here you’ll find not only everything you need for students but also music that keeps you on your toes and that is fun for adults – from amateur to pro.


“Your music and musings are an inspiration to many even here in Australia. I enjoy using your books especially for the little ones on fagottino.”
– Miriam Butler-Handsworth, Queensland, Australasian Double Reed Society

“Thank you for the beautiful music. I really like the strong educational vision.”
– Jonas Coomans, Belgium, Brussels Philharmonic



Overview of all Anselma Music booksWe are here to inspire and support you in a happy, fulfilling and enjoyable way of bassooning and making music.

Joy gives meaning and without meaning everything is for nothing.




We proudly anounce that our music books are recommended by

Confédération Musicale de France (CMF)

Here is the list of recommended sheet music books for 2019 / 2020 from the CMF for OBOE and for BASSOON – we are featured in the categories les coups de cœur, les pièces d’initiation, les pièces d’audition et musique de chambre, les méthodes, recueils, exercices ou études, les recueils de déchiffrages.

The CMF also listed us as a recommended music publisher for 2019 / 2020.

Three comissioned pieces by Anselma are going to be performed at the

Festival Finally Bassoon 2019 of Jeunesses Musicales Suisse

Two of our pieces were chosen as compulsory pieces, one for bassoon, one for oboe for the

ADRS Australian National Double Reed Competition 2017 in Brisbane.

Please find them HERE for bassoon and HERE for oboe.


Milan Turkovic

Milan Turkovic


Our Super Cool Interviews with


Milan Turkovic

Rudolf Buchbinder


Rudolf Buchbinder

Rudolf Buchbinder


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Free: Do-it-yourself Fingering Chartpdf-icon

This super cool chart was made by Lucas Rössner from Basel, Switzerland.
He allowed me to share it on the homepage for free download for all of you. What a fun tool for your students!
Just click on it an print it out. Thank you, Lucas! :o)


Do-it-yourself Fingering Chart easy



To ensure a comfortable use of our music, we allow free and unrestricted performing rights, no fees to pay, no nothing and we do not belong to any artists’ association on purpose.

The Anselma Music composers are happy to serve you with their music (compositions and arrangements) in your teaching and performing :o)

We kindly ask you to buy our original music books and to not make xerox copies of our music. Our original music books are pretty, they don’t cost much and last for ever. Thank you!