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AM 203 Anselma’s New Bassoon Method, Book 1

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Anselma’s New Bassoon Method, Book 1
by Anselma Veit

The very different way of learning the bassoon!

  • step by step, slowly progressing
  • with duets and rhythm exercises
  • pitch range book 1: F-g + bb, f#, eb, c# ab, E-C (bass register)
  • Difficulty:   1 2 3 4 5


Brings aspiring bassonists from Adam and Eve to Mozart. Completely revised and happily optimized edition, fully packed with great bassoon pieces.

– Slow and steady wins the bassoon race! The beautiful little pieces are progressing slowly but continuously for an effortless learning experience.
– lovely and tasty exercises, etudes and duets that delight childrens’ (and big childrens’) ears
– pitch range book 1: F-g + bb, f#, eb, c# ab, E-C (bass register)
– original music from various renaissance and baroque composers, Anselma Veit and Julius Weissenborn
traditional pieces and entertaining music are combined for enjoyment and variety
– in many duets both parts can be mastered by the student
– chapters with rhythm only exercises for gettin’ the groove
– chapters with study pieces to apply and train newly introduced notes and rhythms
– chapters with sight reading tests to see what sticks

Humorously illustrated by the amazing Fritz Kotrba, who even made a google search for “stylish girl’s hairstyle” for a special contemporary look & artwork.

A bassoon method that makes progress easy and learning fun and effortlessly.
The new standard method!


Little Dance by Anselma Veit

Spaghetti Duo by Anselma Veit

Andante by Julius Weissenborn

Falling Leaves by Anselma Veit

Rigadoon by Henry Purcell



Anselma Veit
Anselma’s New Bassoon Method, Book 1 – 23.90 €
Catalogue No. AM 203
ISBN 978-3-903157-01-9
ISMN 979-0-700384-08-1

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