Fagottino in F

All our fagottino books are by default pubished for fagottino in G (=quint-bassoon).

Music for Fagottino in F is provided as follows:
– printed and bound version for Fagottino in G, plus
– additional transposed version of the accompaniment (piano or bassoon) in loose sheets

The solo part remains the same for Fagottino in G and Fagottino in F.

If you need music for fagottino in F (=quart-bassoon) please contact us, we are happy to serve your needs with customized sheet music.

On request, all books for fagottino in G are also available for fagottino in F.

To create a fagottino in F version – transposed accompaning parts or transposed solo parts – we charge a processing fee of 8 €. Please note: these transposed sheet music will come as lose sheets printed out for you, not as a bound regular edition.

Please send us an email if you want to order music for fagottino in F, we are more than happy to serve you and create the version you need!