1st International Tango-Bassoon-Competition-2021

In Novemer 2021, the 1st Tango Bassoon Competition took place. It was held in video format for all bassoonists who are brilliant or weird. Or both.


The compulsory pieces you are going to hear are:

  • Anselma Veit: Tango Etüde XXVII
  • Anselma Veit: Tango Etüde PRO XXX

You can find them HERE and HERE.


We had bassoon stars playing

  • in their bathroom,
  • with dancing ant marionettes,
  • in front of a mile long Steinway
  • or with huge bassoon orchestra with conductor and dancers,
  • in the forest,
  • in a fur costume,
  • with a rose between the teeth,
  • at the edge on a wall,
  • tangoing with a bassoon,
  • with storyteller,
  • with mexican scull face paintings,
  • with their BFF,
  • with super empty stomach,
  • with 26 synchronised tracks,
  • with pantomine,
  • at the end of a cul de sac,
  • with back & white ballet,
  • with a second self,
  • with nine bassoon accompaniment parts,
  • in a real Tango Club called “de koffie fabriek”,
  • on the right track,
  • while being kidnapped,
  • with their own one woman percussion band.

Our worldclass bassoon Jury:

Sophie Dervaux
Solo Bassoon, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna
Mathieu Lussier
Bassoon & Conducting, Artistic Director, Composer of incredibly beautiful bassoon music, Professor at Université de Montréal
Frank Morelli
Solo Bassoon, New York City Opera Orchestra, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Professor at Juilliard School of Music, New York
Marc Trénel
Solo Bassoon, Orchestre de Paris
Christoph-Mario Veit
Bassoon reed-maker, Vienna.


Anselma Veit
publisher & composer, Vienna (without ever planning to be one of those things)

I am so glad this amazing jury supported the cause. From all this stunning videos I would have been completely unable to pick winners. I love them all so much!! You guys are just so amazing!?


“I want to thank you for creating such a fun and inclusive competition for Bassoonists of all ages and abilities.” – Mima Manton, Virginia, USA

“Thank you for writing the music to make this possible! I had a lot of fun with this. Aren’t bassoonists just the craziest people?!” – Tim Stevens, Colorado, USA

“Your kind words and music make me smile!” – Brigit Fitzgerald, Texas, USA

“I hope you and the judges will have as much fun watching it as I had making it.” – Kyle Sodman, Michigan, USA


Here are the winning Videos:

Most Creative Video:

Most Professional Video:

Most Musical Video:

Funniest Video:

Special Prizes:

Most Elaborate Video:

Best Tango Team Work:

Best Bassoon Dancer
(in the first piece you see a dancer, in the second how he copied him!)

We LOOOVEEE these Videos here:


This Competition is made possible thanks to all loyal customers of Anselma Music Publishing and MOOSMANN Fagotte.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the direct sponsor and all the indirect sponsors who were buying our sheet music books. You are awesome, we love you!!