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AM 226 Bassoon Concertino

24,90  inkl. MwSt./VAT incl.

for bassoon and strings (piano reduction)
by Anselma Veit

  • Concerto for beginners
  • in classical style
  • Range: C-d1
  • Difficulty:   1-2 3 4 5


The Obstacle Bassoon Concertino

In the low range and for true heroes.
This little Concerto was comissioned by the Stadtstreicher Orchester Wien and quite a challenge to write.

It has been composed for
– a motivated soloist and
– very passionate string players,
– all age 8-12.
Basically… beginners.
But very passionate!


Further obstacles on the way:

– Everyone wants to play melody.
For practicing accompaniment is boring! Who in the world would do that??

– As few rests as possible.
Rests are problematic. Lots of passion creates not much patience to wait.
Or even to count!?

– String instrument beginners are amaaaazing. In the 1st position.
And probably in 3rd.

– Open strings are fantastic! Flats are the enemy.
They require strange hand positions (low 1st finger!?).

– The soloist was a beginner as well. Very passionate!
But with slightly clumsy fingers. Fast notes… caused a node in his brain and hands.

– And last not least: The soloist LOVES Hummel Concerto.
It should sound a little bit like it.


And now with all of this, let’s relax and happily compose what I would call
a complete “work-around-Concertino”.
Good luck with that!?

I really did try my very best and turned Hummel into Grummel (=grumble),
made some sketches without flats, with many open strings, few rests, with melody for everyone and no low 1st finger – and the whole shindig in super easy without scary quick notes.

But WITH lots of opportunity to bluntly show passion!

I was quite nervous if what I was writing was any good.


It turned out people loved it, the benevolent audience, the motivated soloist and the very passionate string players as well.
After we did the premiere I felt a little like a zoo animal. Cameras from everywhere on me.
Even on the metro they asked if I would pose beside a little passionate string player…

Hope you like this thing, too.


Concertino 1st Movement, Moderato (Klavierauszug)

Concertino 3rd Movement, Ostinato (Original Streichersatz)


Anselma Veit
Concertino – 24,90 €
bassoon and piano (piano reduction)
Catalogue No. AM 226
ISBN 978-3-903157-08-8
ISMN 979-0-700384-16-6


You need the orchstra parts? Shoot me an Email!
Those parts are not in print, but I gladly send you the music in loose sheets that you can use them. The original parts are: Bn, Vl 1, Vl2, Vla (=Vl3), Vc, Cb (ab libitum).