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PIANISTICO! – Book III Playbook – Piano Method For Children

23,90  inkl. MwSt./VAT incl.

Super fun and effective 
Piano Playing with Kids

The very different piano method for children
by Hiroyo Masumura and Anselma Veit

Book in landscape format – perfect for childrens’ eyes
spiral bound for easy handling

  • step by step, easy introduction to piano playing and musical notation
  • beautiful and motivating pieces for 2, 3 and 4 hands
  • good quality music, original pieces
  • Difficulty:   1 2 3 4 5


Here comes the perfect piano playbook for children!

Fun and gorgeous piano pieces by approved childrens’ music composers Hiroyo Masumura and Anselma Veit. Those ladies always have the eye on the goal of fabulous piano playing and they package it in a way that kids enjoy every note!

This book is packed full with additonal original compositions from the Renaissance and the classical and early romantic epoque. These lovely pieces train little ears, speak to their hearts and make their fingers run!

At the end of each lesson you find room for fun improvisation. We dive deeper into the jungle! Also included: little challenges that stimulate ambition in the child in a very organic, natural way.

The fantastic illustrations give heaps of motivation and bring expression into the mix!

A beautiful book carefully made and super supportive for young pianists!

BOOK 1: reading & playing treble and bass clef

BOOK 2: reading & playing treble and bass clef + dynamic

BOOK 3: reading & playing treble and bass clef + dynamic + articulation



Audio samples for 4 hands (with accompaniment of the teacher):

Präludium by Anselma Veit

Rabbi Speaks by Anselma Veit

Brushing Teeth by Hiroyo Masumura

Journey to the Spicy Kitchen by Anselma Veit



Hiroyo Masumura & Anselma Veit
Pianistico! Book 3 – PLAYBOOK
Piano Method for Children – 23.90 €
68 pages, spiral bound
Catalogue No. AM 923
ISBN 978-3-902771-93-3
ISMN 979-0-700384-03-6