1st Tango-Bassoon-Competition-2021

In November 2021 the very 1st International Tango Bassoon Competition is going to take place. 
It’s going to be virtual, you don’t have to take Lohengrin’s swan to participate. An internet connection, some recording device and a bassoon heart that beats for Tango are enough.

Not your typical bassoon competition

This is not some “higher, faster, louder” type of competition.
This is about telling a story with music.

This is about you and your passion for the bassoon, it’s stunning sound, warmth and sonority and the amazing range of colours you can magically bring into being.

And of course it’s about Tango, about looking cool, some little drama, loads of hair grease. It’s about the risc to be over the top – or making a total fool of oneself.

What’s the format?

You are recording a short video clip. The “film music” consists of the two compulsory pieces for solo bassoon. The visuals are free of choice. You can

  • present a more classical style showing you playing,
  • some visual effects
  • or a more MTV style that takes the viewer on a journey. 

It’s all about expression and authenticity.

Show your feelings – be creative

The Jury will measure these features:

  • musicality – we want to hear that you love Tango
  • your presence and joy – we want to see you express yourself
  • your creativity – you can make a little dance, play in socks, bring some visual element or play straight to camera, just as you like. You can invent a little dramatic – or not so dramatic – story. We want to see you enjoying what you do, a genuine expression of who you are.

You are free to make this a creative project and artistic passion WILL be a winnig factor.

Be bold. We want some true Tango heroes!

Who’s it for?

This unique bassoon Competition is open to bassoon players, who love their instrument and who love Tango. There is no age limit or educational restriction, amateurs, students, hobby players and pros are equally welcome.

  • We are not interested in seeing diplomas.
  • We are interested in real, passionate humans, who are not afraid of showing who they are. If technique is not your strong point, show us your creativity. Virtuosity is truly NOT the main point here. Make this some piece of musical poetry in video form.
  • Some form of creative story telling  (with music or visually or both) in music-video format is recommended.

Tell a Tango story – that’s what this is about.

Invite your friends and make this video together if you like. One person alone does not make the world a better, more fun place. Great folks together do!

What’s to win?

Since this whole shindig here is about creativity and expression, we do not reward competitive thinking. Numbered prizes don’t make sense in our Tango world. We see everybody as a superstar – in his or her own rights!


Instead we decided to reward these categories:

  • The most creative video: 500 EUR
  • The most professional video: 500 EUR
  • The most musical video: 500 EUR
  • The funniest video: 500 EUR


In addition, as a thank you for being such an awesome creative Tangotarian every participant will be rewarded with a new exclusive solo Tango for bassoon by Anselma specially written for the occasion.
We will send you a copy of this piece that is available no where else.

Our Jury will rate the videos sent in between November 10 and November 20, 2021. The deadline for participation is November 20th, 2021.The winners will be notified via email and published on our website.

This Competition is made possible by a company I LOVE:


Beautiful, highest quality bassoons and amazing people you can trust.

What’s to play?


  • Anselma Veit: Tango Etüde XXVII
  • Anselma Veit: Tango Etüde PRO XXX

The order of the two pieces is up to you.

Imagine these two Tangos were your film music.

  • What story would you tell with them?
  • What visuals come to your mind?
  • What type of optics would support this music to shine?
  • What is your understandung of Tango?

Show us – we want to know!

Enrollment Fee

There is NO enrollment fee. But – as in every competition – you are required to play out of your own copy of sheet music. If you don’t already have the Tango Etüden you can purchase them HERE and HERE.

You live overseas and shipping is taking for ever? No problem, we’ve got your back! After placing your oder of the music books, let us know you participate, we can send you a pdf version of the two required Tangos, so you can start praticing A.S.A.P.

How it all works

There is NO Application Form. We are not bureaucrats.
Just have fun recording, send us an email with your name and the link. All very informal and easy! No need for Ping, Pang and Pong from Turandot to join the bassoon club! :o)

1.) You (alone or with your awesome friends) make a video of these two Tangos, where we can see in some form

  • that you are playing out of your own copy of sheet music and
  • where we can see YOU playing at some point in the video – theatralic and visual elements and collages are welcome, ’cause hej, it’s Tango!
  • The audio track must be played in one uncut go.
  • The visual part of the video can be cut as much as you like and as it makes sense for the Tango story YOU tell. Other “actors” are welcome.


2.) Next, you put your little video on YouTube. You put in the Title
“Anselma Veit: Tango Etüden XXVII & XXX”
Please state your name and town in the description box and make the video public.


3.) Then you send us an email to postbox@anselmamusic.com where you state your name, age and location and hand us the YouTube link.

If you are underage please ask your parents for sending us this email which includes their written consent to your participation. With sending your email and YouTube video link you agree to our legal terms and conditions (please see down below).


4.) The email and the video must be sent in before the final deadline NOVEMBER 20, 2021.

With sending your YouTube link, you give us permission to repost your video and mention your name on our website.

The sent in videos will be watched and rated by our Jury. The winners are being contacted shortly after the qualification and rating process is completed.
Friends or students of the jury members are excluded to be rated by them.

Our Tango Bassoon Jury

Sopie Dervaux
Solo Bassoon, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna

Mathieu Lussier
Bassoon & Conducting, Artistic Director, Composer of incredibly beautiful bassoon music, Professor at Université de Montréal

Frank Morelli
Solo Bassoon, New York City Opera Orchestra, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Professor at Juilliard School of Music, New York

Marc Trénel
Solo Bassoon, Orchestre de Paris

Christoph-Mario Veit
bassoon reed-maker, Vienna

Curator/Organisation (I don’t vote!!):
Anselma Veit
publisher & composer, Vienna



Write us, we love to hear from you: postbox@anselmamusic.com.

Thanks for being part of our funky little Tango Bassoon Universe.

With love,
Anselma & Tango Jury



The Competition is made possible thanks to


all loyal customers of Anselma Music Publishing


Terms & Conditions

It’s boring, but our times make it necessary to include the following statement:

a.) You acknowledge and agree that you have applied to the 1st Tango Bassoon Competition organized by Anselma Music. These terms and conditions regulate your application to and participation at the Competition. By submitting your application email and video to the Competition you expressly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. This is an irrevocable condition of applying to and participation at the Competition.
b.) Anselma Music and/or its partners do not assume any liability and responsibility for and in relation to the prizes provided by Anselma Music related to the Competition. Anselma Music does not guarantee to the participant and their families that he/she will reach the goals set as the goals of the Competition.
c.) The winner is a person who has been selected from among the participants by Anselma Music based on the decision of the selection panel to win one of the prizes determined by Anselma Music and who accepted and complies with these terms and conditions.
d.) As a participant, you must be at least 18 years of age or the legal age of your nationality (if higher than 18 years). If you are younger, you are required to ask your parents to send us your participation email and video, including a consent letter they distinctly write for us.
e.) You accept that Anselma Music shall – without any legal consequences – unilaterally decide on the acceptance or rejection of your application until the selection date. The prize winners will be decided on by the subjective judgement of the jury,
f.) During the Competition the participant cannot behave in a way that would harm or endanger Anselma Music’s reputation, legitimate economic or organizational interests.
g.) Neither Anselma Music nor its affiliates, authors, successors or employees shall be liable for any warranty, costs, damage, injury, or any other claims incurred as a result of the usage of information obtained by the participant during or related to the Competition.
h.) You acknowledge and agree that the winners will be responsible for all income and withholding taxes, if any, as well as any costs and expenses associated with prize acceptance, bank transfers and use. Anselma Music will not act as tax or any other agent of a Winner. For clarity, there shall be no substitution, transfer, or cash redemption of a prize, or cash for any portion of a prize not used; provided, however, that Anselma Music reserves the right to substitute a prize with another prize of equal or greater value, should the advertised prize become unavailable for any reason. If a Winner does not want a portion of the Prize, that portion is forfeited.