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Little Oak Tree

In times of uncertainty, we tend to worry. We worry about the future, how things will turn out. We worry about how others are going to decide. We worry about finances and we try to protect ourselves from any harm that could possibly come to us, because things unexpectedly went wonky.

What benefit does it bring when we worry?
I am really good at worrying and spent so much time doing that, that I started asking myself: “What benefit do my worries bring?”

And the answer I came up with is:
1.) I use and train my fantasy – because I see ghosts where there are none :o)
2.) In my mind I paint a horrible picture and try to deal with that horror I just invented.

So the benefits are that I am a ghost creator and a problem solver of problems that 99% of the time never come into reality.
Is this useful?
Uuuhm…. maybe for ghosts and for my ego, to tell myself what great solutions I am able to come up with.

To drive this home I want to tell you about the Little Oak Tree.
From an acorn a little oak begins to sprout. It raises its first little leaf in the middle of a beautiful meadow. Nearby stands an old, giant and majestic Oak.

Little Oak sees the Big Old Oak and tinks to himself: What? Do I have to grow THAT big? How shall I do that? I will never be capable of being so huge! I will never ever manage to grow that many leaves. I better give up! I am such a loser!

Big Old Oak Tree is a wise being with a big heart – and a little bit of a psychological talent. It listened to all the worries of the Little Oak and asked back: “Dear one, how huge can you grow today?”.

Little Oak thought about this question, thoughtfully bent his first leaf and said: “I think just a tiny bit.” “Well great, then do just that. Grow just a tiny little bit. And tomorrow you do the same, one tiny little bit at a time. And the day after tomorrow you do the same.”

Little Oak was very relieved and did just that. It just grew a tiny little bit each day. And it became a beautiful majestic being itself.


I hope you liked my little story here.
I do realize that it feels so much nicer to invent stories about Oak Trees than creating ghosts and solutions to non existing problems ;o)

Stay well, with so much love,


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