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Realist or Optimist?

What do you think: Who gets farther in life – the realist or the optimist?
What’s the better approach to learn and to get things done, to accomplish more in life and to get more out of life?

Realists do see things as they are.
They see a failure for what it is, a failure. When things go wrong they see what is missing and they understand how much they are off course.

What’s the consequence?
Realists see how far they are away from the outcome they wanted. They see their performance for what it is. Not good enough.

What do they do next?
They are so realistic that they understand where they stand. They get frustrated by the gap between what they achieve and what they want to achieve. They stop trying. The goal is too far out, out of reach – from a realistic point of view.

So, is realism a good thing? It makes us stop trying.
What happens when humans stop trying? Think what happens to you, when you stop trying? How do you feel about yourself and about life?


On the other hand, we have the optimist.
This is a person, who notoriously overestimates how good they are. When they fail they think to themselves: Ok, that was not perfect – but ALMOST perfect!
And in their blissful ignorance they always see themselves closer to their goal and more capable than they actually are.

What happens to optimists?
Because they always think, cool, I am ALMOST there, they have no problem trying again. And again and again. Why? Because hej, they are already ALMOST there! The goal is close, let’s try one more time.


Optimists are blissful idiots. Their estimations on themselves are almost always wrong.
BUT because they try a million times, because it is FUN (because they feel that they are already almost at genius level!) – finally they get better and better and better.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Those who try more, get farther in life.
They can almost be unstoppable. Because they believe in themselves, which is always more important than being realistic.

So, please do me a favor. Don’t let one more day pass by where you think being realistic is more healthy than being optimistic. It is not.
Believe in yourself and keep trying, you are ALMOST there ;o)

Much love,



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