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We are competing with – everything.
Everybody has the whole world in his hand, as long as the battery lasts.
Even little children have an iPhone and access to everything, everywhere, all the time.

Following others is safer than trying (and possibly failing).
Consuming is easier than cultivating.
Watching is more convenient than doing. (You don’t have to move your ass.)

We are entrained on following, consuming and watching from an early age on.


As teachers we are competing with this little box.
There is always something more enticing than playing scales.

We are competing with dings and dongs, with notifications, new posts, chats, private messages, videos, audios, podcasts, animated games, netflix series and ads.
Shiny things, lots of shiny things.

As humans we are competing with this little box as well.
This squared thing has always something to tell, to show, to get us distracted.


The question ist: Are we clear on what we WANT in life?
For if we are not, this online shiny ding-dong world will dominate our life.
It will eat us alive.

We will always feel stressed and behind. And empty at the end of the day.
Like we missed out.
Because we DO miss out.

Not every pling is important.
In fact, almost NO pling ever is.

But do we notice that?


And last not least, machines do not have hearts.
People do have one.

So what’s important…?
You choose.

With so much love,


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