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Old Lady’s Wisdom

Recently I read an article about a lady called Ruth Knelman. She is 109 years old, super healthy, lives in a beautiful apartment and does all her own cooking.

I personally like reading articles about people who accumulated wisdom. In the news we hear so much about unhealthy and corrupt people. That tends to give us the mistaken impression that many people are bad and that old people are negative and in a bad place.

In fact, real life often shows us that the opposite is true! Public personalities are featured in the media outlets because they bring sensation, foster rumors and chit chat and create fear. And fear sells.
Interviews with decent real life people are not sensational.
These people just do what is right and live their truth.

Grandma Ruth found out that people who help others, have a healthier outlook on life. They feel better and achieve stuff they are proud of. She volunteered as a teacher and educator for decades in schools and she still does this in a church every sunday.

Of course, Grandma Ruth has many friends.
People who are there for others have other people who care for them.
It works both ways.

I particularly like what she said about friendship. “Friends have to be tolerant and patient.” she said. “Your best friend can hurt your feelings. You never forget this, but you forgive. If you took offense at things, you wouldn’t have any friends. No one is perfect.”

Ruth added: “Life can’t be all good. You have to have ups and downs. You always have more ups than downs. You have to like people, be nice and be patient.”


What I liked most about her attitude was that she thinks the secret to her healthy and good life is that she made everything wrong! ;o)

Her nightsleep is short, because she eats and stays up late. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she drinks coffee and watches TV. She doesn’t drink water and prefers sweet soda.

Grandma Ruth hates exercising. She thinks it’s unhealthy. Instead she likes walking, that’s her exercise, as she has never driven a car.

Her phone is ringing often und people come to visit her. When a visitor leaves, she always hugs them. We never know when it will be our last encounter, even when we are young.

I think we don’t hear often enough about regular decents and wise people. That’s why I wanted to share Grandma Ruth’s story with you. Let’s get inspiration to become people who care for others. This will change the world like nothing else! And mo matter who is president…


Much love,


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