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False concepts that hurt

Our modern time promises a lot.
We hear about life hacks and quick fixes all the time.
And about things that bring us a wonderful new world full of awe and convenience.

“Be connected to everybody through technology, 24/7 – all the time!”
And people feel more lonely than ever.

“Order everything online!”
And people get fat because they don’t move any more.

“Eat lot’s of … (special pill) and get healthy!”
And people today suffer from more than 80.000 illnesses.

Is it a good idea to teach the next generation that they only need to push buttons, sit on a couch all day long, get everything they want – and all free of shipping costs from giant discounter companies employing robots?


I personally like the good old idea that I have to INVEST.
I have to give something first in order to get something later.
I have to put in energy and willpower, I have to give time and effort.

Sowing comes first, reaping comes second. Like in nature.
If we don’t sow, we won’t reap. Free shipping orders are not enough.

Sometimes the crops are plenty, sometimes it rains too much or not enough.
At the end there is no guarantee that things work out as planned.


The real win in any case is the experience and the wisdom gained.

Life experience and wisdom do not produce lonely, fat and sick people.
But healthy humans with decent ethics.

So why not sometimes come back to old fashioned basics.
By doing so, we give the young generation their future back.

False promises sound great – but they are stealing from us.
They steal reality.


I wish you lots of quality time with your loved ones,
a wonderful music making together and a true connectedness.

With so much love,

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