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Funny expectation

When I look back how I felt about teaching first, I can see how silly I was.
I started giving lessons and the next thing that happend was that I wondered how much patience I had to develop.

For some reason, I expected the task of educating to be easy. Kind of: I show you how, you get it the first time around, I call you talented and me a great teacher.

Reality looks different.
It goes like this: The first lesson is fantastic. After that, it starts getting hard to even open the bassoon case.

We both feel overwhelmed. The student because their schedule is already overly packed and because it’s so damn hard to learn.
Me, because before even teaching one little thing, I have to pump up huge amounts of motivation. Like the animation guy in an all-inclusive vacation club.
Psychology tactics sometimes come first, music comes second. Or third. Or forth.

Why do we expect things to be easy?
Where does this not so sharp idea come from??


I suggest a different approach.
Learning can be the hardest thing in the world and we all know that from our own experience. Don’t you?

Let’s tackle education like this: Learning is hard, hard, hard. When we manage to create a friendly, warm and heartcentered environment, this damn hard thing can be the best experience ever. Not even though it is hard, but because it is hard. That makes it so great.


It is natural that learning is difficult.
Nothing to complain about.
Nothing to point fingers on the learner.
Nothing to be disappointed about.

All roses have thorns. That’s why they are so beautiful.

With so much love,


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