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Everyone else

They say: “Don’t make waves, accept things as they are, you can’t change other people or the system.”

And yes, partly that’s true. We indeed NEVER ever can change anyone, except maybe our puppy to get housetrained… Wanting to changing the system also seems an idea that just pops up, after you smoked magic mushrooms. Or if your name is Don Quichote.

But what about not making waves and accepting things as they are?
Is it really a good plan to follow what everyone else is doing?


Recently I heard a funny conversation. It has been said that making concerts with “no pressure” would be a great approach. And yes, on the surface that might sound very welcoming, inclusive and human.

But wait – in life, we DO have situations where we have to function under pressure.
A LOT OF THEM. A concert setup is just ONE of them!

What if this is an excellent opportunity to go against the grain and say: You know what? Life sometimes puts extreme pressure on us humans. We can use concerts to train ourselves to get really strong! When we learn to play music in a highly stressful environment, we can use this skill to perform under ANY difficult circumstance.

High pressure concerts are the BEST training for life EVER. Period.
We humans learn to handle the big real-life-stuff by dealing with difficult stuff in a little protected area first. Concerts are like training wheels for life.


I am not saying here that I suggest you send your little students with super difficult repertoire in an environment where they are completely overwhelmed and collaps.
They MUST have a good chance to win and come out happy.

What I am saying is: Yes, put them into stressful concerts, put them in “the ring” to fight a challenging fistfight. But make sure, they are prepared well. This trains them – not only in music but in real life as well.

Real life “danger”? Yes!!
But put a frame around all of this, where they are safe and don’t get destroyed.

After the talk about making “no pressure concerts” I said to my fabulous husband: “I indeed like to set up stressful concerts. This is the BEST we can do for our students. For them as musicians and as humans. And you know what? Without pressure, we can’t even go to the toilet! Dealing with pressure properly is a necessity of life.”


So. Don’t do what everybody else is doing.
The masses tend to fail and if you do the contrary, you have BETTER chances to have a fulfilling life and people around you that love and appreciate you.

Thanks, keep rocking and dealing with pressure in a way that makes you strong and healthy. Diamonds need pressure to develop.

With so much love,


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