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Three Learnings In 10 Years Of Publishing

If you read this, you are probably one of those people we did all this for. 113 titles in print, in stores on 4 continents and played by bassoonists of all ages, sizes and hairstyles. For 10 years we worked our buns off to bring the best bassoon books and the best educational music material possible to you.

We treasure you dearly and in all those years I never said thank you to you publicly on the blog. You are making all of this possible. I am more than honored to serve you and my team and I are committed to do this for as long as good bassoon sheet music is needed.

Starting a company has not been an easy task for me.
I have been a lousy student at school and I severely struggled with dyslexia. Even though in music I could reach excellent grades and more accolades and success than I ever dreamt of, I truly had no idea at all how to put together a company and how to build a team or a website. And I had no clue about accounting what so ever.

I was driven by the idea to serve, to share the best I could bring to the world and to make music making fun and easy. When setbacks arrived I kept reminding myself to stay on track for the mission: to support you no matter what.


Here are the three major learnings that I gathered with all of this work and with suddenly being a public figure (which still makes me feel uncomfortable today).

– When things get rough, zoom out and keep the eye on the greater goal.
We all have things going wrong in our lives. Shit just happens, it is unavoidable. The important thing is not to get defeated, but to stay true to what you believe in. This helps a lot when having to jump over hurdles.


– Some people sound like assh… . But maybe they are just lousy communicators.
It is tempting to assume that other people are mean, uncooperative or ignorant.
But maybe they aren’t. Maybe I am. And I overlook the fact that they just didn’t know how to use words in a more kind and caring fashion.
And that’s ok – because WE ALL at times throw words carelessly into the world.
I have done it myself. And I still do it myself (outch!). It’s not the end of the world.


– We all learn best when we laugh.
No matter if we try to build a company (like this one), if we want to teach a child, if we are rehearsing in a group or if we try to be of service with writing funky articles – it’s all too easy to be dead serious. To try to be impressive and special and to try to show the world that we are more than we truly are.
Laugh about that and share how silly you have been yourself. It’s freeing and it makes it fun to be alive.


Life is about learning.
Learning is about laughing with your face and with your heart.

Thank you guys!
With so much love,



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