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How To Develop True Self-Confidence

Self-confident people step out into the world, are willing to take risks and are eager to experience life fully.

Usually, what is holding us back is
doubt, if we may do everything right,
worry, that we look right in the eyes of others (what will they think of me??) and
– the fear of getting into a bad situation that can not be fixed later on.

I can define all of that so clearly, because these guys are some personal buddies of mine ;o) I have known them – doubt, worry and fear – for a long time.
And they still like to sneak around sometimes.

To still do my thing and to not get distracted, I have some strategies I want to share with you on how to handle those very human conditions with strength and clarity.


#1 Doubt: Yes, we won’t get everything right.
Failing is part of human nature. That’s normal. Nothing we have to fear.
I wonder why we still seem to struggle with questioning our own competence – because at some point we all are amateurs. As long as we are humans, we in some ways are amateurs. Amateurs of life ;o)


#2 Worry: Yes, others will laugh, we will look stupid in their eyes and they will talk behind our back.
That’s what they are doing right now. In this very moment.
And there is nothing we can do about it. Humans do that. Fact.
It starts in Kindergarden. They make fun of how we walk, they think we are stupid and really bad suckers. Why are we still worried…?


#3 Fear: Yes, we can get ourselves (for nothing) into bad situations.
BUT there is nothing that can not be corrected. For some reason I am a strong believer that everything can be fixed, restored and repaired at the end.
If something can not be fixed we will find great work-arounds. No Gordian Knot far and wide. The Gordian Knot just appears when we give up.


There is one little trick, I want to share with you, that boosts the self-confidence levels like nothing else: Living life with integrity.
Being truthful and being honest are the best ways to develop peace of mind and a strong and unshakable core. Practicing integrity is the tool that polishes our inner diamond.

If we habitually give our best there is nothing to fear.


What holds you back from living boldly and courageously?
What have your doubts and fears been and how have you overcome them?

Much love,


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