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Learning Vs. Being Educated

There is this strange difference between learning something and being educated in something.

Learning comes from doing, from applying, from actually moving the body – or at least the brain.
Getting education is something different. It means being exposed to theories.

In education usually doing something is not involved. The highest participation is memorizing and then repeating correctly.
What a sad process! Every mobile phone can do this. No humans required.

I remember how it was for me sitting in school. This stuff did not interest me. I did barely listen.
I wondered how this teaching person might feel standing in front of a class, pretending to be interested in the subject and knowledgeable.
And almost nobody would really listen – listen with their heart.

The ones that listened were those who tried to figure out what would be on the next test.
This was almost the only reason to paying attention to this person.


In this teacher’s shoes, I probably would have killed myself out of depression.
Nobody was in the room to hear what I as a person had to say.
Nobody was here to learn from me from the bottom of their heart.
No one in here was attending to take something important with them that would guide them later in life.

Everybody in here attended to get a paper with ink on it.
Education is basically memorizing and forgetting in an organized manner with paper with letters at the end.


Being good at school is something very different than having learned something.
Learning comes through experience, through doing, applying, watching attentively.
Learning is achieved through living through adventures.
Not through sitting still and day dreaming how depressing it would be to be a teacher.


I am so glad, I am in the music world. In music, we are ALWAYS applying.
We are always doing, moving our body, moving our brains, moving our hearts.
Music always is an adventure.

I am more than thankful for all the beautiful little and not so little bassoonists whom I had the great fortune of being their teacher.
I am sure they thought strange things about me, too.
– Who would not?! :o)
But at least I have a feeling they don’t come for the ink on the paper ;o)


With so much love,



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