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The Perfect Master

No one is good at everything. We all have areas where we are small and sucky.
Even if we are an expert, even if we reached an overall mastery level.
Still, there are things, we aren’t as good at.

What do we do about that?
There are several strategies, people cope with their weak points.


1.) They pretend they have no weak points.
This is very common. People try to hide the fact that they do have weaknesses.
They create a fake image of perfection and try to show to the world, they are masters in EVERYTHING.

This is unhealthy. Because it causes internal pressure and cognitive dissonance.
They experience their flaws first hand every single day and at the same time pretend they aren’t there.
A losing game that creates lots of stress.


2.) They beat themselves up for having weak points.
This is common, too. In this case, people are so ashamed of their weaknesses that they get very defensive.
They say, I am such a fraud, I am a complete loser.
This usually is kept secret and internal.
An effective way of self torture, that can get so bad that people destroy their life with it.


3.) They are open about their weak points and stay positive.
This takes courage and this can be hard at times.
People in this category have learned that being human DOES mean not being a machine.
This entails not being perfect (and by the way, even machines fail!!)
Being human is nothing to hide from, nothing to run from, nothing to be ashamed of.
People who understand this stay humble and honest and try to improve – that’s what they are about.

This approach is hard because we step out of the “impress others” way of living we all learned from early on.
Life is not about impressing. It is about being real about who you are.


There is nothing bad about not being a machine.
It is something to be proud of – in our machine dominated world more than ever.
The machine might be perfect, but it has no heart.


Thank you for being here,
with so much love,

p.s. There was this fabulous event Finally Bassoon brought to life by Jeunesses Musicales Suisse. I feel very honored, that my piece Finally Calypso was part of the scene :o)
They loved this thing so much, that it was played in the concert and two times as an encore :o))))


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