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Dangerous Easter Bunny

I know, I am late, Easter is already over.
But still I was thinking of the easter bunny the other day.
This creature can teach us a lot.

I remember, as a child, I was thinking long and hard how the the easter bunny did it.
How did he carry the eggs?
How did he bring all this stuff?
How did he schlepp around the toys and the chocolate?

Did he have a bagback or some sort of a cart?
He does not even have hands, so how the hell does he carry stuff?


Believing in the easter bunny was easy.
Thinking about the mechanics involved was hard.
And boy was I disappointed when I found out, the easter bunny was a scam.

Today we hear about easter bunnies every day through screens in our living room and pockets.
They make us do funny things.
Like wearing masks that ONLY protect from bacteria to get protection from viruses.

Makes no sense, but still we do it.
As if it was the most natural and the most wise thing to do so.

But is it?
Why do we go with the narrative?


Because believing is easy.
And thinking is hard.

The easter bunny story is fun and conveys goodwill and love.
What does this modern easter bunny bring to us?

What if we end up disappointed when we think more of the mechanics of all of this?
I know, thinking is hard, but let’s do some more of it.

If we continue believing instead of thinking, in what kind of world will our children live?

Much love,



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