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Driving a Washing Machine

The other day we had to buy a new washing machine. We took our bikes to get to the store and when we finally made it to the cashier she told us, at the moment would be no deliveries, there is a shortage of personal. We could book a delivery in 6-8 weeks.
Since we don’t have a car this created a problem.

There we stood with our brand new washing machine and no means to move the damn thing home.
We were puzzled and thought about trying to find a taxi. The interesting thing about living on the countryside in the beautiful middle of nowhere is: There is no taxi.



Still standing at the cashier clueless how to move the metallic cube people got angry that we would still block the line – unsure if we should even buy this thing when the fricking shop is not delivering it.

I felt all the impatient eyes on my back, it seemed like 10 hungry sharks were waiting behind me. Suddenly a man came towards us and said:
“I have my truck here, I can deliver your washing machine for you. Do you live far away?”

The man had a friendly face and 3 minutes later the washing machine was secured on his truck. He did not know the road where we live so we agreed we would drive to a certain crossroads, he taking the car, us taking the bike. We would show him the road and drive the last meters together.

And off he went.


My heart jumped. Did we really buy a brand new washing machine and gave it in the hands of a total stranger who is now off and gone? We didn’t have his name or cell phone number or even the one on his licence plate…

I turned to my husband and said: “In reality land we did not just buy this guy a brand new washing machine, did we?” I kind of felt shocked about our decision.
We got on the bikes and went as fast as we could to the crossroads. His truck was blinking in the sun when we arrived. A few minutes later we unloaded the washing machine and he even helped carrying this little monster.

Immediately I put out my purse and asked what I am allowed to pay him. He smiled and said: “Give this money to people who are in need. Please do that. I do have enough. And when you come to my village, look for the little shop that sells christmas lights, that is mine. You are always more than welcome there.”


I was really touched.
There are good people everywhere. Sometimes we forget that.
When we try to be these good people the world gets a hell of a lot better.
Imagine YOU are the one who reaches out to help. How does that feel?


So much love to you,


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