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Easy Stress Medicin

Do you remember those days when stress was something only super highpayed managers would have?
Do you remember the phone answering machine? At first, our grandmas had this job until we bought this very modern little black boxes.
When the first of my friends showed up at our house with a cell phone in his hand, we girls laughed at him and said teasingly: “You feel pretty important, don’t you?”

Today everyone is overwhelmed and available 24/7.
Most people I know say this is because of the kids: “They need to reach me.”
When we were little, there were no cell phones around – not even an answering machine and in many cases no grandma, too.

And still we managed to grow up.
How did that happen? A true miracle!!

To make things short: In this highly stressed out and connected-even-in-the-bathroom world it is more than important to keep things simple.


Here are some strategies I try to remind myself to keep my sanity:

– The true treasure in life are good relationships.
Always take time for the people you love and that are fun to be with.
Family and friends are the real gold.

– Keep a slim schedule.
No one runs your calendar. Only you decide where your time goes.
No excuses whatsoever for evercrowded time tables.

– Mosquitos are not elephants.
We all tend to augment what bugs us. We can worry days in and days out about something we did or said and what we should have done or said instead.
Perspective cures what I call elephantism.

– Find something in your day that’s great.
Every day there is something to look forward to.
Start your day thinking about what it will be today and smile.

I love this quote from Harvey Mackay:
“When life feels like a pressure cooker, it’s time to turn down the heat.”

Thank you for being this solid rock in shaky times 😊
With so much love,


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