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Thoughts And Dust Bunnies

What do thoughts and dust bunnies have in common?

(Dust bunnies are these little creatures behind your door that have a secret life on their own. They magically appear without anybody doing anything. A truly mystical genesis! Unfortunately they don’t disappear the same way. Only when someone takes heart and vacuums them away.)

So, what do they have in common?
You can take them personally – or not.


Dust bunnies just appear.
We can all experience this.
Everyone who lives in some sort of a rectangular shelter – not in a yurt or a tepee! – has at some point seen those guys.
(Men usually tend to see them later, I don’t know why.)

Dust bunnies just pop up.
They come to stay.


Pondering while vaccuuming the other day, I thought to myself:
Wait a minute! Those dust bunnies are just like some grumpy thoughts! They appear all by themselves and stay if no one throws them out again!

By nature, dust bunnies are not a personal thing.
They all look alike, no matter if they form their mysterious appearance in a 5-star hotel’s senior suite room or at grandma’s little kitchen.
They are not picky. They don’t appear only on red carpets.

They are very egalitarian.
They are everywhere, no particular preferences.
And they conquer the world with their ubiquitious presence – until we stop those pirates.


So the next time negative thoughts creep up, please remind yourself of this:

They are not personal – just like dust bunnies.
They don’t originate from you. They just appear by themselves.
They don’t belong to you. Everyone get their fair share.
They have a sort of life on their own. And would exist even if you wouldn’t.

The moment you see this truth you can relax and smile.
You take out the vacuum handle and show those bastards what real power means.

I whish you a beautiful spring, lot’s of empowerment and a totally clean house ;o)
With so much love,


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