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Rightously grumpy

Humans are funny animals. I often think that as I am watching myself.
We do have some basic emotions. Not a thousand, just a few, let’s say ten or maybe fifteen. We take them out, like a playing card of a stack of cards.

We pick one, we put it on the table, we live it, we explore this emotion.
And often as we swim in this particular feeling we start reasoning about our choice.
Why the hell did this funky emotion show up?

Here comes the interesting part.
In many cases our reasoning is totally off.
We make some connections.
But they are all wrong.

The other day I found myself running around in a grumpy mood.
For this day, I obviously chose the grumpy card from my stack.
Grumpiness is on of the basic emotional states and some magical force in me thought, it would be joyously adventurous to indulge in it.

Instead of seeing the truth that I, as an adult person chose to be grumpy I started looking for reasons that seemed to make me grumpy. I pretended it was not my choice.
Why the hell did this funky emotion show up?

Because he or she did this and said that and everbody did everything wrong.
And I of course was right in everything.
But nobody can see this.

Consequentially, it is more than correct to be cranky.
It is morally just and an almost he-ro-ic way of answering to this day’s destiny.
– Or so.

Why are you laughing?
See, humans are really funny animals.

Choosing to live out an unpleasant emotion from the ten or fifteen cards of our mood deck is always that, a choice. All reasoning after that is wrong.

If we don’t like what we chose from the menu, why do we yell at the waitress?
Instead, we could say: “No thanks, I made up my mind. Eating rosted snails and flatworms after some thought seemed gross. I better choose something else, thanks.”

It is hard, but I think we grow immensly as humans when we own our choices.
It feels great to choose more and more what makes us proud and what shows our good taste.

Thank you. I love you!
All the best,


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