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It’s All About Shipping

They all seem like cargo boxes to me. All these little and big lessons, all the skills, all the gems of wisdom we gather as we go through life. They are packed full with valuable stuff.

One cargo type is filed with the values we learn from our families.
Another set of boxes is filled with knowledge we gain from teachers and adults we admire.
A third category of cargo is loaded with things we figured out ourselves.
Lessons we learned from our personal mistakes. Wisdom that came through failing.

There are the “not for me”-boxes, too.
We all have heroes. And not-heroes, that show us how we don’t want to be.


So how can these boxes filled with life lessons be transferred from one human to another?
How can we pass on what took us decades to learn?
How can we shorten their learning curve by contributing with our knowledge?

No one benefits from our accumulated wisdom if our cargo boxes just sit there, unopened, unrecognized. Just waiting to collect dust.
It is so easy to just let everything sit. It’s comfortable. It’s tempting to keep everything for ourselves. This way we are not going to be criticized.

Sharing is uncomfortable. People could make fun of us. Or find out, we are not perfect. We have to stretch ourselves. We have to conquer the fear of showing who we are.
We have to go and talk to people. We have to leave our little shell.

What does the trick of sharing? Boats.
Yes! Boats bring cargo from one continent to another.

Human connection is like these boats.

Connection is based on meeting at eye level. And on being willing to be laughed at.
On “I know what it’s like“, “I know what you are going through“.
We share the same humanity – and all the insecurities and flaws that are so characteristic for our human experience.

Showing more of our humanity will have a ripple effect.
More connection, more boats, more opened boxes, more wisdom shared.

I figure this kind of attitude accelerates learning.
For everyone of us and for humanity as a whole. Evolution sped up 3.0!

Thank you for inviting my little boat here.
Thank you for reading what I put in this box for you :o)

Much love,


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Please check out the handy video by the amazing Nikolaus Maler HERE.


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