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Healthy Humble Pie

When Ikarus wanted to leave Crete he went to his workshop and fabricated some wings. His father took notice of what his son did and warned him of two things.

First, he was worried his son would get complacent and lazy. Wings would be oh so comfy, no more walking!
Second, he warned his son of hubris, meaning Ikarus would start to fancy his new invention and get into his ego because of it.

Ikarus did not listen. He did not take caution and ignored his fathers words. Instead of being watchful and humble, he flew too close to the sun, where the wax of his construction melted. Ikarus fell into the sea and drowned.


For some reason I always thought this is a good story for musicians.
Whenever we get some achievements, reach a new level and notice we are getting better, we face the two “Ikarus traps”. We could get lazy – or arrogant.

To train ourselves to say no to both options is an important virtue.

Despite our advancement, there is always someone better than we are.
We do have skills and talents.
But we also do have defects.
There are always things we can not do.

And in everything there is a new level of mastery to reach. In fact, in the end there is no mastery. Music will stay an unreachable ideal. Kind of like the lover you can never catch.

In our world of stars and iconic figures, I still see success as a group effort. No one gets to where he is on his own. We all have loved ones, teachers, peers and friends who stand along the way. Some to help.
And others to challenge us, to not believe in us – what makes us want to prove them wrong.


There is nothing wrong with a solid self esteem.
Don’t show it without humour about yourself.
Arrogance is so serious.

And remember the saying: The more we try the better we get.
Being good at something is the result of failing a lot.

The ego hates failing. But your real core knows, it brings you unmeltable wings ;o)

I hope you have a great return to regular music making this fall,
we all need music for a healthy life in an unhealthy world.

With so much love,


p.s. The great Nikolaus Maler made an amazing Play-along for the “Fun Duets”. Please check out his video HERE. And don’t forget to tune!! He’s gonna watch you ;o)



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