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Are you rich?

An interesting facet of the human condition is that so much of our life quality depends not so much on facts measured by objectivity but rather on feelings measured by subjectivity.

For instance there is a difference between being rich and feeling rich.

The label rich depends on the reference group we are using.
Compared to a Third World Township inhabitant, every bummer in a country like Austria is rich.

Everyone with pennies in their pocket is rich – compared to a penniesless person.

Most of our ancestors 100 years ago might not even in their wildest dreams have imagined the lifestyle we do have here on average.

And compared to 100 years from now when technology is used wisely to serve us (and not in the way it is used today where in many cases it uses us) we might be poor today.


For there is no absolute measure what rich means – feeling rich is a choice.
It is, at the end, not bound to money or something else we can count.

Being someone who many years ago has been given 6 months to live by a doctor, I feel rich every day where I am healthy and energetic. Where I can work and live freely not being bound by pain or exhaustion.


When I ask myself what would make me feel even richer than that I think of being part of a humanity that starts caring enough that everybody is being fed, has access to clean water and a warm home. Where no one gets persecuted for their ideas and for who they are.

When feeling rich is a choice, we can use this decision to encourage and motivate us being a generous and loving person.

You can be the richest you exactly where you are today.
And for the whole of next year! ;o)


Much love,
and thank you as always
for reading this and being awesome,


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