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Unenlightened frog posture

In todays world there seem to be two lifestyle fads, everybody recommends.
The first one is meditation, the second one is goal setting.

The first one for me personally is a nightmare.
I am one of those folks who is unable to sit still. I am always moving like that pesky kid at school who was super annoying.

Sitting still in frog posture – or what was that? Bug sitting? Wait… cross legged lotus pose!!! And waiting that illumination starts hitting me unfortunately is out of reach for me. Please forgive me for staying ignorant as always. But for some reason, I am ok with that.

The second one seemed awkward too.
Goal setting in real terms means sitting at a table and writing stuff down that I wish to come true.

And then I have this list.
And my life goes on as it was.
What the…!?


But seriously. They made this study with 3.000 people. They were asked about what they were living for. And 94% said, they have no clue what to live for. This means nine and a half people (- what does a half person look like??) out of ten sit there and wait that the end may come, enduring the present and hoping for nothing.

Something is going wrong here. Unless this study is a hoax, adults in our world do not have dreams they go after. That’s sad. Just cruising with no hopes and visions does not make us great role models either…

So. Let’s go back to the frog thing. Maybe meditation is just a bad word for regular dreaming at a certain time of the day. And maybe we can make an exception from sitting still for all the pesky kids on the block like me and moving while dreaming is ok.

What about this:
Meditation could be a thing we do when we dream about what we want to do with this life. And goal setting could be putting a deadline to this dream and a little bit of a strategy. This strategy certainly has to change from time to time. Because nothing ever does go the way it should. But at least, that’s a start.


What lights you up doing, here and now?
I mean, what else than the cup of coffee…?

With the very best whishes for 2019,
and with so much love,


p.s. Nikolaus Maler from made this crazy awesome recording of Tango Etüden by Anselma. HERE is the whole thing, 27 short recordings of 1-2 minutes.
You can find the sheet music HERE. ¡Hagamos esto!


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