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The Art of Being

I guess we all like the idea, that others think highly of us. What does that mean? In our fantasy we are praised and loved by everyone. In our wild dreams we walk around like peacocks fancying with the idea of being a person that everybody admires.

Let’s get real for a second. This truly is just a fantasy and nothing more.
Nobody is liked by everyone.
If people choose to like us, that’s great. But some (or many) won’t.
And you know what? That’s fine too!

We do not have to be looked up to. That is neither necessary nor healthy.
What we do need is to have a positive attitude towards our humanity, meaning: our mistakes, our flaws and our idle fantasies like the peacock one above.

And what’s important too is that we try to be a good person in this world. Not out of vanity and the need for being liked – but because it is the right thing to do.


Someone sent me an interesting list of seven habits that people with great reputation do have. I like this list, it kind of points where we should focus on. Here are the seven habits:

People with great reputation do have the following traits according to this article:
They get things done.
They take ownership of their mistakes.
They are generous.
They listen to other points of view.
They’re decisive.
They don’t sacrifice principles.
They’re resilient.


I like that. Nobody is perfect. Mistakes in opinion, behaviour and estimation are NORMAL. The important point is to owning them and make the best out of all the ooops stuff in life.

I also like the last one. Resilience means: falling down, being upset, being emotional, starting to think again, standing up and moving forward again – with optimism and purpose.


What traits in people are important to you?
What are your strong points and what makes you proud to be?

With so much love,


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