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Interview with Bernd Moosmann

Short & Sweet: Interview with world famous bassoon manufacturer Bernd Moosmann.

His instruments are played in every league, including small amateur groups as well as the top philharmonic orchestras. Moosmann bassoons are also preferred soloists’ instruments.
Moosmann fans are found in over 60 countries and 5 continents.

Mr. Moosmann, we first met in Phoenix, Arizona at the IDRS conference. There I found out, that you are not only a well traveled, very successfull bassoon manufacturer, but also a person with an eye for the essentials of human nature.

– Is there something that outstanding musicians all over the world have in common?

Bernd Moosmann: They are very hard working, informal, not stressed and strong personalities.

– What is the major lesson that music has taught you?
I am not a musician. But I found, that bassoonists are very honest people. I have never ever been betrayed.
For me, music is the most difficult of all forms of art. A painter can erase or correct, an author can cross out and rearrange.
A musician can not take anything back. A wrong note stays wrong.

– What makes a musical performance excellent?
Musical sensitivity, good selection of repertoire and a concert should never be too long.
The musician should be relaxed and enjoy what he does and not be stressed.

– Do you have an advice for practicing for us?
Before you start, always mind The Big Three: beat, key and tempo.

– What is life all about?
Working hard, friendliness, friendship, willingness to compromise, humor, some discipline and punctuality.
Also sometimes taking a little time out and German Gemütlichkeit.


Thank you very much for this great conversation!
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