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Confidence building is easy!

quote 5Having not much self-confidence is one of the biggest problems almost everybody has who makes music.
How can I say that solving such a huge issue is easy?

I can say this, because I am a real pro in this.
I had NO self-confidence whatsoever. I thought of myself as a total idiot, a complete failure and someone who will never be good at anything, no matter what I try.

Coming from a place like that, I know a lot about the subject matter.
And today I enjoy what I am doing and I kind of like my life how it is.

This does not mean, that I am without self-doubt at any given moment. No.
Sometimes I still ask myself: what the heck am I doing??

But now, I see this more as a hint where in my life I need to be more clear and more down-to-earth.
These moments of self-loathing are still not nice to experience, but they can have a positive effect – once I get out on the other side.

So how does it work, to build self-confidence?
As I said, it is very easy once you know the trick.

It is all about not looking into the sun all day long.
What do I mean by that?

Our big goals in life are bright like the sun. For instance, we want to play piano like Martha Argerich. Ok. Nice.
This goal will have a blinding effect when we look at it all the time. It is too bright.

So better set small goals that are easy to achieve.
“This week I am going to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd. ”
Small doable steps.

Then go and actually fulfill them and – voilà you feel accomplished.
Now you just have to pile them up.

Set tiny little goals for every day and fulfill them.
Set tiny little goals for the week and check everything off the list when it’s done.
Set tiny little goals for the month, fulfill them and you will feel proud of yourself.

Little by little, step by step, day by day, month by month.
Just keep going.

Going for small goals does not mean giving up the big dreams.
It just means to allow yourself to reach them slowly, step by step.
Consistency matters. At EVERYTHING in life.

So, what’s on your list today…? ;o)

Much love,


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