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Socrates, The Best Bassoon Teacher

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How can we be the best teacher, we could possibly be? 

How can we give the best and most helpful support for other people?


As teachers, as educators, as parents, as partners and even as friends, we find ourselves in the situation to sometimes give advice.

Whether we are asked, or we feel the strong pull to say something uplifting, sometimes it can be hard to find the right words.

We want to say something that seems important, but we don’t want to be upfront, we don’t want to use too strong words or we just don’t know how to say things.

We also want to make sure that what we have to say is heard and understood and has a positive effect.


So how can we be clear and know how to express ourselves properly?


Here is a little trick that I found super helpful.


What would the wisest person in the world say now?


I call this my “Socrates Question” :o)


I consider Socrates as a wise guy, who could answer thousends of questions in a way, that Platon did not bother writing them down for decades.

So, he would clearly seem wise enough for me.

(I mean, who would wright MY stuff down for such a long time???)

But you can take anybody, Mother Theresa will be happy to assist you as well as Ghandi or Lady Gaga if you prefer :oD


The point here is that you get into the shoes of this wise person that you admire and give support from their (higher) perspective.

This little role play is fun and can definitely help to find the perfect words and great advice for those you feel would need it.


Who is a great source of inspiriation for you?

What little piece of advice would this person give to you?


Much love,


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