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The Art of Communicating

imagesDid you ever come across those people who talk without taking even a breath?
They talk and talk and never seem to stop.
The moment you want to add something, they are already at their next point.

The weird thing is that people tend to think, because they talk a lot, they are good communicators.
They are not.

Having no problem speaking does not make someone good at communicating.

Actually, for me many times, it feels exactly the opposite.
People who talk and talk – they do not communicate at all.
They just dump words on you.

And you know what? Being used as a word dumping ground feels boring.
Not exciting, not inspiring.

Brian Tracy says: “The ability to talk is not the same as the ability to communicate. The ability to communicate is the ability to make an impact on the thoughts, feelings and actions of someone. Many people who consider themselves excellent talkers are not very effective at all in this regard.”

So what actually DOES make you a good communicator?

Look in the mirror.
You have two ears and one mouth.
That says everything.

Communicating is all about listening.
Listening and understanding.
Taking in, not just putting out.
Great communicators master the art of silence.

Be an excellent listener.
Be comfortable to be silent.
Sometimes, this can be the greatest gift you have to give.


Can you remember a time, where a person just deeply listened?
How did it feel to be heard?
What does communicating mean for you?

Much love,


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