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How to be patient

quote 8When we teach, we need one special skill:
We must be patient like an elephant :o)

Learning takes repetition. We humans learn by getting the same information over and over and over again. And over. Again.
And again.
And one more time.

Sometimes we get it at the first time.
But most times… err… what was that again? How did that go?
I forgot. Can you show me…? Again – and again and —

– you get the point, don’t you? :o)

So, how can we deal with impatience?
I have good news for you. I know one simple trick, that makes you even more patient than an elephant.

The Elephant Strategy is to stop comparing.


What makes us impatient is that we compare timelines.

We compare the results from one person with another person’s results.
This makes that we think, why on earth does he/she not understand this by now???
– And this is kind of a frustrating thought, it’s not really fun to think this…

The only reason we get impatient is because we have certain expectations from our own experience or from the experience with someone else.

Impatience is caused by comparison.


When we stop comparing, we let the other person free.
Free to be themselves and to walk at their own pace.

We allow them to be as they are today.
That’s friendly and inviting. It’s philantropic and it’s also so much more fun.
And we rescue ourselves from nasty experiences like stress and anger ;o)


Is there an area of your life, where it would be nice to be more elephant like?
Did you ever experience that you were not compared to others in any way?
How does if feel to be supported as you are without comparison, just with love and kindness?


Much love,


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