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Interview with Rudolf Buchbinder

Foto: Marco Borggreve

Short & Sweet: Interview mit Rudolf Buchbinder

No need to introduce Rudolf Buchbinder. He is probably the most famous pianist of this day and age. His Beethoven recordings are legendary and considered unparalleled in virtuosity, depth and expression.
His busy schedule includes regular concert activity with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra und the Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks in the greatest, most prestigious concert halls worldwide.
As artistic director of the Musikfestival Grafenegg, he established the Festival in a few short years as one of the leading cultural events in Europe.


Mr. Buchbinder, in your extraordinary artistic ventures you met and worked with eminent musicians from all over the world. What qualities do they have in common?>>

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Interview with Bernd Moosmann

Short & Sweet: Interview with world famous bassoon manufacturer Bernd Moosmann.

His instruments are played in every league, including small amateur groups as well as the top philharmonic orchestras. Moosmann bassoons are also preferred soloists’ instruments.
Moosmann fans are found in over 60 countries and 5 continents.

Mr. Moosmann, we first met in Phoenix, Arizona at the IDRS conference. There I found out, that you are not only a well traveled, very successfull bassoon manufacturer, but also a person with an eye for the essentials of human nature.

– Is there something that outstanding musicians all over the world have in common?

Bernd Moosmann: They are very hard working, informal, not stressed and strong personalities.>>

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Interview with Milan Turkovic

Foto: Kmetitsch

Short & Sweet: Interview with world known bassoon-soloist and conductor Milan Turkovic.

His inspiring art is documented by over 50 CDs and on more than 150 recordings with the Concentus Musicus, Wien. Countless contemporary compositions are dedicated to him and he is himself a famous author. His books are full of wisdom and fine humor.
Milan Turkovic is one of the eminent authorities in today’s musical world – but I am preaching to the choir, you know that already ;o)

When I told my parents that I want to play the bassoon, they did not quite know what that would be. But they knew your name… ;o) What is your secret in making music?>>