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Hide And Seek

We humans feel excited when we find what we were looking for. We are interested and likely engaged in the conversation when we ponder something and suddenly hear others talking about it.
This excitement makes us feel alive and in contact with the world and with others.
How happy we feel relates strangely to our searches and findings in life.

For instance: when we were looking for a house with garden but all we find ourselves in is a tiny apartment in a dusty downtown, chances are we don’t feel all too excited.
The findings do not relate to the search. Disappointment and bitterness can follow.

The opposite is true when we searched for a humble small house and suddenly we inherit a mansion within a park. In this case we tend to be overexcited at first and after a while we struggle with the “overdelivery” for our search. Everything seems too big, overwhelming, too much stuff to be responsible for.

The better our findings match our searches, the more motivated and interested we are. And when we are motivated and interested we do LEARN a lot.


As teachers and educators, we have to do some detective work. Our task is to get a feeling for what our student is searching for. What are they interested in? What answers are they pondering? What are they looking for – in general, this year, this week, today?

The better we understand what our student is searching for, the more we can provide what they are looking for.

If we don’t provide what they are looking for, if we just do our thing like we have done it the last twenty years, everything we say will get over their head.
They won’t hear us, they wont learn. We did not catch their interest.

Their fault? I guess not.

Recently I had someone complaining to me that the young generation is just not caring about anything. I tried to make a serious face. But inside I giggled, because this does completely NOT match my experience with todays youth.

They DO care. But just when I do care enough to understand their search and when I do bother to answer to their quest. If I fail in doing so, they don’t care.

And I totally relate to this, because if someone talkes over my head, I don’t care either.


Do you see the search of others around you?
How can you get even better in this little detective work?

Much love,


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