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Time For The Beach

Happy New Year 2021!!!
And Happy Year after that and happy time all the time!!! :o)
But wait – what IS time?

Time is this funny thing that is precisely measured.
And totally mysterious at the same TIME.

The truth is: The nature of time unfolds dependent on where we are.

On the PLACE.
Waiting for the Metro time is a pain in the neck.
On the beach in a nice striped linen chair it starts running like crazy.

So time is connected to a location.
Or so.

They also try to bend time.
And to invent machines to travel through it.

But they never manage to make such a gadget work.
I guess because they don’t take into consideration, that time already has this location factor. They did not ponder hard enough on Metros and beach chairs.


As music making folks we already solved this little technical problem.

When we get inside the music, when we enter this place, where music lives, we travel through time and space. And it’s easy, a child can do it.
With poise and grace we jump through the decades and centuries, we visit different countries, all kinds of courts and ball rooms, people and cultures.

We can do it. We bend time and space.
How do we do it?
With our heart.
That’s where all the magic sits.

And when we come back to this time and space here, we again wait for Metros and try to stick our bun to striped beach chairs.


All the best, have a fun year,
where you stay at the place of self-humor,
love, Anselma


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