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The Right Thing

Let’s talk about right or wrong.
I love this topic! It’s so basic and so complex at the same time.
So, what’s the right thing to do? Today – in life general?

Is it doing what feels good?
Yes, sometimes.
Eating chocolate feels a-ma-zing, but makes us fat.

Is it doing what makes sense logically?
Not a bad idea.
But unfortunately life does not work like math.

Is it doing what’s easy to do?
Obviously not.
Even if we fool ourselves into believing this.

Is it doing what makes us look good?
If we are on stage, probably yes.
Otherwise I guess no.

Is it doing what we are told to do?
This is the biggest trap of humanity in my humble opinion.

Is it doing what’s right for someone else?
With exception of our spouse. Special people get special attention. – Sometimes ;o)

Is it doing what’s right in front of us?
Yes, for everything in life starts with the first step.
The question here is: in what direction?

Is it doing what’s morally correct?
If we found these morals ourselves, yes.
Following someone elses morals can be dangerous and make us deny our own truth.

Is it doing what’s on the schedule?
Who made the schedule?

Is it doing what makes us happy?
What makes us happy can lead to sorrow for someone we love.

What makes all the difference in the world to me is asking this:
Does it make me a better person than I have been yesterday?

If this would be a yes, I have a sound guideline. And I hope you like this one, too.

Much love,

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