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Living A Catalogue Life

Recently I got a beautiful interieur design magazine in my hands.
Every page was polished with the most beautiful livingrooms, bedrooms and kitchens and I was wondering if our home would ever look the slightest something like these real estates.

The interesting thing about this magazine was that everything in it was on purchase. Every item in it was for sale. I could grab the phone and say, hej there, please send me the fancy table cloth on page 84, please add the salad spoon and the doormat as well. And two days later I have them delivered.

We live in a small home and I love that. Heating some unused ballrooms in the winter is equally stressful to me like having to vacuum for hours on end every week.
What I especially like is that a small home does always ask one important question.
It says: Do you really need THIS?


For every item I buy I need to let go of one I already possess.
This is how a small home works. Other wise it gets constipated.
No place to store some dust collectors. Or even an extra chair.

And here I am sitting over a magazine that shows me the loveliest furniture, accessories and decorations, everything in it yelling at me: “Hej buy me, I am gorgeous! You need ME, I am so beautiful! I make you feel wonderful in your home! I make you a tasteful woman, just order me!”

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the things I want to buy to create a fancy space to live in it suddenly dawned on me:

This catalogue is like life itself. It constantly presents opportunities, sends new ideas in my direction, creating new wants in me.

Which makes me feel like my life is too small for all that stuff!?
And brings my whole life to the small home question:
Do you really need THIS?


If you want a constipated life, you just have to say yes to all these things.
If you want a lean, easy to vacuum life, you have to say no – to almost everything out there.
No matter how loud it screams at you and how easy you can get it.

All these opportunities our time presents can make us losing sight of what’s important.
And some little hint here: It’s almost never about the stuff…


Less is more they say.
And I think in todays world this is more true than ever.
What could you let go of to make room for something that’s worth living with?

Much love,


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