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Words are pure magic. We humans think in images – but still, it is words, that we pass from one person to another. We transfer images into words and share them. The other person decodes the words to again create an image in their mind.

In this way, words are like carrier pigeons. We tie our message on to their legs and let them fly. The recipient opens his window, let’s the pigeon in. He unfolds the message, reads it and let his mind paint the image.


Still, there is one word, that is powerful and mighty. It has just one syllable, but it is capable of killing. It is short but strong. When we don’t use it with care, it can hurt.
This word, by nature, kills everything that came before it. It cuts away what has been said before. It is like a knife that we have to use with utter care.

This word destroys every praise and every heartfelt comment. It diminishes good and blows up what’s not good. It enhances the nasty little critic inside that has the capability to effectively torture humans.


I am talking about the word but.
“This is great, but it should be better”. “I hear you, but we have to get this done”. “Well done, but next time be on time”. “I love you, but could you stop talking?”.

The “but” makes everything said before irrelevant. What sticks is the last part. We destroy the positive image and convey something else.

My advice is to use this little bugger wisely. To really think about what we want to say and then refrain from using it.
Instead we could say and.
Or we could leave the second part out all together. Save it for – another time.


Speaking of magic, another little word comes to mind. This one is capable of letting flowers grow where before there has been but dirt and desert. It is not just the glue that keeps life together, it can also heal wounds. It is sweet and tender. And still we use it miserly.

This word is thank you. The magic of a thank you is highly underestimated. It can light up every darkness and give peace.


Let’s use it more often and whenever a thankful image appears in our mind let’s speak it out loud. Let’s make the thank you carrier pigeon fly.

I hope you enjoyed that.
With so much love, thanks,


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