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The key factor that brings you to success…

All kinds of sports fascinate me. Not exactly the watching part – I hardly can sit still… ;o) But I like all the research and psychological study that gets put into it.

What we do in music resembles remarcably to what sports men and sports women do. We are “all in”, we work our tail off – but still there is no guaranty for outcomes.

Success in general is defined by three factors.
Two of them are out of our control.

The first one – you guessed it! – is talent. In case we have it, we did nothing to aquire it.
Luck is the second factor. Sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t. No matter how hard we whish for it…

The third factor is how hard we work towards a certain goal. How much we go in, how much we hustle. The “work-it baby!” factor is the only one we can influence by willpower and by taking action.


I know, this sounds very boring and old school – but think of it. The person that is committed to putting really much effort in it for a long period of time ultimately will win.
In sports, in music, in dating, in cooking and in growing the biggest pumpkins.

For the committed person not everything works out perfectly. Even if you sing a beautiful growing song for your pumpkins every day, still hail can destroy your harvest.

The point is: the committed person will stand up again, will recover from desaster quickly and go back to hustle. He or she will plant some new pumpkins and start singing new beautiful growing tunes again.


When it comes to teaching, I tend to see the effort someone puts in. Some people have more luck than others and there are some who have more talent than others.
There is not much they can do about it.

But they can have a committed attitude and that is, where my focus is.
And frankly, this is the way I try to see myself. Things go wrong in life.

When I can lay down my head on the pillow at night and say to myself at least I gave my very best and I really worked wholeheartedly to make it happen – I will sleep well.


So, what factor did bring success in YOUR life?
How does it feel to you to be all in, even at the risk of failing?

Much love,


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