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Lobster Philosophy

Did you notice that in any field, no matter if you look in a company, in a sports group or in a large family there is gossip.
What is it about people that makes them want to gossip?

Even though in every walk of life there is gossip, not everybody gossips.
Many people do behind the back talking as a habit. But there are also people who just don’t engage in talking smack about absent people.

I recently read an article about the behaviour of lobsters (why are you laughing!?). And in fact the article pointed out that lobsters and humans show startling similarities.

Lobsters have a certain hierarchy and everybody knows his place in the hierarchy.
The really strong lobsters on the top, once they arrive at the top, don’t fight.
Just the ones that are further down the ladder.

The lobsters that feel powerful feel that they have achieved something in life.
They don’t attack others. Mediocre lobsters do, but strong ones don’t.


Gossip to me seems a bit like this lobster fight in words.
Talking about absent people strongly resembles the fight of the ones not at the top.
What is the aim of this fight?
To feel more powerful, to finally achieve something or to be more respected?

Maybe the non-gossipers that don’t engage in playing games do so because they already feel strong, accomplished and respected.

They know about their value and their place in the world.
Very much like the lobster, who knows he is the excellent guy.


Of course, humans are a million times more complex than lobsters.
Lobsters and humans can in no way be directly correlated (- wait… when I get to much sun this July… I actually WILL look like a lobster!!)
I think it helps to understand human behaviour much better, when we look at what less complicate beings are doing. In essence some of their stuff is alive in us.

Knowing our own value and feeling respected helps us to be a person who can stand alone and who feels strong.
And maybe this kind of person is what we all are meant to be.
Excellent lobsters, err – I mean excellent humans!


Have a great summer
in beautiful Italy, Spain, Tibet or Disneyland or wherever you are :o)

Much love


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