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Doing Makes the Difference

quote 3Do you know these people that read loads of self-help books? The great How-to-books. How to …. (be slim and happy, be fat and happy, be more successful, be a fabulous lover, not hate your neighbour).
They read these books and after a while they tell us: “Nice book, but you know – these tips just don’t work”.

And yes, they are right. Of course they don’t!
Tips never work!

Why? Knowing without doing is completely useless.
Repeat with me:
Knowing without doing is completely useless.

Common cul-de-sac thought: Tips don’t work.
They don’t work.
YOU have to make them work.

Sometimes people come to me and say: “Anselma, you helped me so much, you really changed how I think about — (this and that).”

My answer: “Darling, YOU did that yourself. YOU changed your attitude and YOU helped yourself. I could never do that! I am happy that you think I have that much power – but actually I don’t.
I can only change my own attitude, my own actions and my own life.
Praise yourself, YOU did all the help and change by yourself.”

The only thing we can do is to inspire each other to make things happen.
And that’s it.
Nothing else we can do.


In music this is obvious. We have to practice ourselves, we have to play our scales, train our fingers, stretch our lungs. We have to do all the kilometers ourselves.
And THIS will change our life. – Not some special advice ;o)

The same applies to life in general.
So for every positive shift, give yourself kudos. It was not some fantastic advice that helped you, it was YOU who made it happen.

So, no complaints about bad tips, please.
At the end of the day no one can make it for you.
Consistant action always wins the game.

And the change that comes from us taking action creates self-worth and purpose in life.
That’s cool! I like that! :o)


Much love,



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