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How effective are YOU?

Recently someone sent me an article about 3 key questions to get fearless and authentic. It was an interesting read. Here are the main questions the article suggests, readers should ask themselves:

How well do you prepare yourself for life’s tasks?
How well do you motivate yourself?
How effective are you?

I liked that these questions are specific and require honest assessment.
What I did not like was the feeling of: go get results, be effective, results are everything!

We live in a very result oriented world.
Sometimes to me it seems, we get education just to learn to see everything in life like a business. If it brings results, numbers, certain outcomes, well, then it’s good, let’s go for it.
The results are the #1 factor for everything.

This starts at an early age at school. No matter how hard it was for you to learn the stuff for the test, the only thing that counts is the result your teacher gives you.


How crazy is that??
My brother never ever sat at his table and learned a thing for school, but always came home with the highest scores.
Me, silly little sister, tried to be a good student and never achieved it.
I doubted myself to have something wrong with my brain.
I threw all the spaghetti – stuff I was supposed to learn – to the wall, but hardly anything ever sticked. I was a very bad student, even though I tried to be a good one.


But seriously, this getting-high-score thing is a ridiculous approach to life, isn’t it?? It brings our attention away from what is important and glues it to something that is absolutely NOT important.

When we share a same path with someone, as friends, teachers, in family or as coworkers the result thinking maybe can bring a fruitful bond.
But I think I never encountered one of those.


Being a human means to care, to share, to give trust, to provide quality. Quality in terms of being a friendly being that is trustworthy and that others can rely on.

There is nothing wrong with results. Having a great output can feel addictive, it’s a wonderful feeling to be effective. In case we are able to be effective…

If the results are what we are after when we encounter other human beings, we are in danger to miss out what matters most.


What is it that you are after?
And what matters most to you?

With so much love,


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