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Managers and Leaders

I recently came across this quote by the famous American author Peter Drucker
“Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things.” – and I loved it!

When we are teaching, we are changing people. We are changing how they see things, how they feel about certain things, how they behave and sometimes, when we do it right, we change who they believe to be.

This change can only be done with the person we teach, not to them.
We can bring them further on their way – but just in the direction where they want to go.


I really do enjoy that I am not teaching in a regular public primary or high school where kids go to learn reading and writing.
These are locations where everybody HAS to go. Folks are not voluntariy sitting there until they are 16 or 18. They have to.

I would have no clue how to teach students that are forced to be with me.
And I would struggle with bringing some change to someone who does not want to be changed.

Fortunately, I am in a field that is like a karate dojo or a camp for climbing.
People come to be changed in the aspect of music.
And I am here to assist.


What Peter Drucker so brilliantly said is that we can choose which teaching style we engage in. HOW we bring this change about.

We can be managers. A manager tells people what to do.
Faster, higher, louder, go ahead and do.

Or we can be leaders in our field. A leader says: “Ok, let’s do this together.”
The attitude of a leader is:
“I know how this is done correctly, but teaching means finding out, how YOU can do this. It is a journey we together go on. You will be changed by this journey – and me, too.”

When we strive to be leaders the experience we create with our students will be remembered for a lifetime.

I think this is quite a prize.
So, let’s go for it. Together.


Much love,


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