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Priceless Smile

There is the regular and there is the luxury version.
Sometimes there is the regular, the fake version and (when you are in China next door, side by side) the luxury version of a thing.

A purse or a shoe.
Or a scarf with a characteristic pattern or a boot in some ugly colour such as yellow.

First we just have the need. After our basic needs are met, we expand our need and we go for the luxury edition.
In case we can’t afford it, maybe we buy the fake thing and tell ourselves it is almost like the luxury edition.

This applies to everything, no matter what your heart beats for.
Needs first, luxury later.

Take the typical development with bassooning.
We start out with a low cost bassoon just to have something to start with.
It is totally out of tune and sounds like our neighbour’s dog at full moon.

When we play a lot, our ears get more sensitive and we want a more refined sound.
Then we start saving money for a more expensive, maybe a luxurious bassoon.


The strange thing though is, with intangible goods it seems to be completely the opposite.

The luxury of a smile, of open heartedness and of true gentleness are what we need first. Luxurious human traits are actually the basic need.
They are for the start.

The younger we are, the shorter our journey has been, the more we need the luxury version of human behaviour.

A child, that is just starting out and is making the first steps in life needs more gentle words, more patience and more friendliness than us vintage folks.
The child needs the luxury edition of human kindness – not just regular politeness.
(And concerning human qualities: forget about the fake version…)

I know this is unfair. I did not invent this.
Keeping this in mind is just a good practice.
Especially when starting out to teach 5 year olds…


What are your luxurious character traits?
Are you living them fully or are they waiting – until?

Much love,


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