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It is all about … ???

Here is the brutal truth: Teaching is hard!
Because people don’t do what teachers want them to do.
They do something else – or even worse – they do nothing ;o)

The funny thing is I have a degree in music pedagogics but in all my academic studies I did not find any solution to this significant problem.

I seem to not be alone in this, here is a question I got:
“At the moment I don’t know how to handle the situation with a 6-year old student. She does not really participate in the lessons. She also does not understand why she should repeat pieces at home we worked through together at school. How can I change this?”
– Christiane G. (flute teacher)

This is such a great question and I think almost everybody can relate to this.

When we see that the people we educate and teach are not doing what they should do, it helps to get out of our own perspective.
If we don’t do that, we tend to get frustrated and lose much energy.

So I was searching for something that assists in shifting one’s perspective in an instant.
And I came up with what I call the “Focus Formula“.

When you know me for any length of time, you probably know that I harp on this ;o)

The Focus Formula reminds you on one thing.
It says: It is not about you.
Very simple.

Focus on the person you are with – not on yourself.
Move away from the naturally occuring egocentrism we all have, not because somebody tells you to, but because you can.

The “Focus Formula” reframes the situation by putting the spotlight deliberately on the other person.
In this way, we can take a break from getting impatient and grumpy.

This simple thought makes you stop and opens a new perspective.
It shifts your focus from it’s all about me to it’s all about the person we seak to serve.

Instead of thinking YOU should (§$&@°/%$”+#P!%) … , we start to think:
How can I help?
How can I assist and be of service here and now?
How can I understand better what is going on in the other person’s head?

This gives a more compassionate and more friendly approach in an instant.
And who does not like that? ;o)

So next time you see someone is not doing things in your favour, think of the Focus Formula.
Let’s see what this does and if that assists you :o)


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