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Do YOU matter?

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imagesGoogle funded an interesting study about productivity and leadership called “Project Oxygen”. They wanted to know if management really matters or if a company would benefit most, if everybody was his own boss, basically managing themselves.

The answer was intriguing.
The best results in this study showed teams, not individuals.
Particularly teams that worked under the direction of a motivating manager.

People in a team with a motivating boss were happier, experienced a higher job satisfaction and higher performances and had higher scores on innovation, work-life balance and career and personal development (!).

So, yes absolutely, management matters!
This is a beautiful metaphor that we humans thrive in good company, in positive groups of like-minded people and in a surrounding where we feel appreciated and liked the way we are.

Learning in self study is great. But learning under a mentor, a trustworthy person that helps us bringing the best out of us, has a positive impact not only on our skills and productivity, but on us as human beings.

A great teacher or educator is someone who we never forget.
We never forget the clarity and integrity a true leader radiates.
I am sure you have at least one person like this, haven’t you?

To help managers to improve, the Project Oxygen not only shared their findings, but also put together a list of the best managers’ practices.

– They regularly give positive feedback.
– They are quick to grant credit to team members for their work.
– The do not micro-manage.
– They praise the career development in the past six months.
– They communicate clearly and set clear goals for the team.

I try to put this in simple terms and make this insight actionable for regular people like you and me:
When we interact with others, we can make a difference by being a positive and supportive person. We can create a warm and motivating atmosphere among family, friends and in a work environment.
This is how this is done:

– We give positive feedback wherever we see something beautiful.
– We see the heartfelt effort of others and congratulate them to their work.
– We keep in mind that perfectionism kills joy and refrain from it.
– We see the progress other people make and we praise it.
– We communicate clearly and motivate others to dream big.


What are from your life experience the best and foremost practices of leadership?
Which line in the list above is the one you enjoy most?

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