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Two Keys for Optimum Performance

bassoon quote performanceRecently I read a study about hockey teams in Canada.
A study among the most successful high-school hockey teams stated that in order to have a high performing team two ingredients are needed:
1.) motivation and 2.) disciplined physical training.


There were highly motivated teams and teams that had a history of discipline and hard training units.
Guess, what teams were the most successful ones?
Yes, the teams where motivation and physical discipline were well balanced.

Trainers that brought a lot of energy to the training were giving everybody a boost in motivation.
Key #1: motivation comes from energy.

Trainers that were demanding in terms of hard physical training had a lot to say about technique and fitness. Their emphasis was on strategies and a proven methodology.
Key #2: actual results come from practical physical training.


We can use this knowlegde for music too.

In order to bring much energy to a subject (or into the lesson when we are teachers) we have to make sure in the first place, that we feel good and like what we are doing.

We also have to take good care of ourselves to have much energy and the ability to lift up and motivate ourselves and others.
Energy comes from being in a good shape, having enough sleep and being kind to oneself.


We also need some practical training guided by a proven methodology.
Just random practice, rehearsing the same thing a million times without a clear structure is not useful.

Training with intent and knowledge is super effective.
This is why a good teacher is priceless.
He or she helps us to learn from their experience.

Music books with a well thought out and proven concept are also a great support.
This is why AnselmaMusic exists ;o))


What kind of teachers did you have? Were they more the motivator or more the hardcore trainer type?
What can you do to balance motivation with discipline?


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