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Better Better Nerves….

imagesOne of the biggest challenges we do have as musicians is the live factor.
I remember situations on stage where I was literally shaking in my boots with a beautiful teeth tremolo ;o)

Of course there are “unicorns”, people who are born to perform in front of an audience. Who just love it being starred at.
But I have to admit, I am totally not one of them.


I was very fascinated by this book I read about circus artists. The tightrope walker risks her live every evening. It is a life-death situation, day after day.
The interviewer asked her, what gives her the guts to go up there and walk every day this dangerous line.

Her answer was so beautiful, that I want to share it with you.
She said: “I always focus on expressing, not impressing. It is all about expression. Expression of beauty, courage and trust. I say to myself express, don’t impress.”


What a great motto for life!
It is never about impressing anybody.
Sometimes we may think it is. But it is not.

Even though usually nobody dies when we are about to perform ;o) taking the spotlight off ourself and focusing on truly touching other people can be very helpful and release a lot of stress.

It is important that we surround ourselves with people who do like us the way we are. Not with those that we need to impress in order to be liked.


When we take the pressure off our shoulders that we must impress someone, we notice, that we play for very nice people. And if these people don’t like teeth tremolo, we can always pack our stuff and play elsewhere ;o)

Lecrae said: “I care about impacting people not impressing people.”
I like that.


How do you feel, when you think you have to impress somebody?
What strategy helps you on stage? (or are you a unicorn?!)


Much love,


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